The city’s elevated beauty clinic for all things skin, lashes, and brows—and channeling your inner “that girl” energy.

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Beauty is feeling healthy & confident

Skin Ritual Co. is an ode to women everywhere who deserve to feel beautiful, radiant, and confident in their skin. I am a one-woman, beauty-obsessed luxury skincare clinic dedicated to inspiring radical self-love and wellness that shines from within—one beauty treatment at a time. I love watching women embrace their natural beauty and flourish in their own skin. Because when you feel good, you move through the world with confidence! 

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Glammed up or make-up free—with lifted and curled lashes that enhance your natural beauty and compliment your youthful glow, feel confident knowing you’ll look effortlessly beautiful at all times. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul—bat those beautiful eyelashes and show the world what you’re made of.

Enhance your natural beauty

The epitome of “clean-girl aesthetic”, perfectly shaped brows provide a solid foundation to compliment your natural beauty and draw attention to the eyes for a posh and put-together look that lasts throughout the day. Always look like a fresh-faced beauty with brows that appear intentionally polished, no matter the occasion. 

Brows for the girl-on-the-go

Treat yourself to one of my soothing signature facials designed to help you slow down the aging process, manage acne, and uncover or preserve bright, healthy, and glowing skin. Think of me as your teammate in your skin’s long-term health journey—during our session, we’ll discuss your skin challenges and come up with a sustainable routine for continued skincare support.

Invest in your skin's health





Jessica is the best beauty queen in all of California! Her passion for esthetics really shows in her treatments, it’s all very personalized for you and she really listens to what your concerns are. My skin is the best it has ever been and I credit it all to her! She’s so honest, real, and caring, I always feel like she really has my best interest at heart. I recommend her to everyone!

Nicole B.

in a positive, upbeat, and supportive environment

Pamper yourself

Take care of your mind, body, and soul

Skin Ritual Co. was created as a welcoming space for women who want to take care of their mind, body, and soul through pampering themselves in a positive, upbeat, and supportive environment—surrounded by people who want to see them shine! To help you feel and look your best, I only use the highest quality, top-shelf products and empower you with skincare education and individualized services to make sure your beauty and skin goals are met. Joining Skin Ritual Co. isn’t just an investment in yourself that is well-worth it (which it is!), but it’s a part of your self-care ritual that you can regularly look forward to as a form of self-love, relaxation, and fun! 

Meet Skin Ritual Co.

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Radiant, healthy, and glowing skin is just a spa day away!          Radiant, healthy, and glowing skin is just a spa day away!             Radiant, healthy, and glowing skin is just a spa day away!            Radiant, healthy, and glowing skin is just a spa day away!            Radiant, healthy, and glowing skin is just a spa day away!